Things You Should Know About Toilet Flange Repair

Toilet Flange Repair Toronto

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Believe it or not, there is a hidden and underappreciated feature of the everyday toilet that is often the culprit of dreaded leaks, which is called a ‘toilet flange.’  Just like any other plumbing component, it can break down and cause major plumbing problems in your home. So, checking your toilet’s flange and fixing it in case of an issue should be a priority in your home maintenance checklist. Did you know improperly installed toilet flanges, broken toilet flanges, or loose toilet flanges can cause a toilet to leak from the bottom, risking flooding, water damage, or even the release of unwanted sewage and gases into your bathroom? So, it is essential to consider getting professional toilet installation in Toronto, and act quickly to hire a plumber in case of toilet flange repair in Toronto.

Toilet Flange 101

The toilet flange, also known as a closet flange, is the pipe fitting between your home’s drainage system and toilet drain which functions as a stabilizing floor mount for your toilet. Usually, the flange will be made of brass, steel, copper, or PVC, and the final fitting will be paired with a metal or plastic ring. This is bolted to the bathroom floor. In order to prevent leakage a wax ring is utilized, and the flange is then sealed to the drain of your toilet. Depending on the size of the drainpipe, the toilet flanges should either be three or four inches in diameter. Using a flange with improper height or the wrong size diameter can create issues with the installation process or cause leaks with usage. If a mechanical connection break occurs between the flange and pipe, issues will arise and will soon become a big headache. To avoid spending more money and time on toilet flange repair in Toronto, consider getting the issues professionally fixed as soon as possible.

Five Signs to Call a Professional for Toilet Flange Repair

Sign 1: Loose tiles around the base of the toilet

Sign 2: Leakages in your subflooring

Sign 3: Leakage from the base of the toilet

Sign 4: Sewer odours

Sign 5: Toilet rocking back and forth

Final Words

One of the most important parts of your toilet is the flange. It should be in good shape to avoid costly repairs. So, consider adding toilet flange inspection and repair in your home maintenance checklist. Doing toilet repair in Toronto on time will ignore major issues down the road.

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