Power Scrub Jetting – A Permanent Fix for Your Clogged Drains

Drain Power FlushingClogged drains are always a headache! Reaching for the plunger every time you shower, wash the dishes or flush the toilet is frustrating. Frequent clogs in your drain is a result of excessive buildup of grease and debris that has built up over years of usage.  Clogged drains must be cleaned properly because it creates major plumbing issues if left unattended.

One of the first approaches that come to mind when a drain clog occurs is a drain snake to clear the clog. This technique fixes your problem immediately, but not permanently. It lasts for a few days, or it may last for a few months, but it won’t last long. Moreover, this method will not remove the fat, oil, or other soft deposits that are collected. These soft deposits continue to build up and develop cracks and leaks. Some people even use harsh chemicals to clear the blockage. The chemicals can be rough on your plumbing system, and excessive use of these chemicals makes the problem even worse.

Why Power Scrub Jetting?

Power Scrub Jetting is a technique used by Saving Plumbing to clear away the blockage in your pipes using a high-pressure water stream. A high-pressure hose is used to shoot water at a pressure of up to 3500 psi through your clogged pipes to cut through the sludge, gunk and years of buildup. It’s even proven to eliminate tree roots and mineral build-up that is clogging your drain.

Unlike other traditional drain cleaning methods, it doesn’t involve cutting holes in your pipes, ensuring that your pipes will continue to perform for years to come. This procedure is done through a cleanout, an opening located on the exterior of most homes.

Power Scrub Jetting – A Superior Way of Cleaning Clogged Drains

Power Scrub Jetting offered by Saving Plumbing is highly recommended as it effectively removes current blockages, prevents future problems, and does not cause any damage to your pipe system. When you use Power Scrub Jetting, it ensures your pipes do not develop another clog any time soon. This technique can be combined with other drain care treatments to prevent the deposit of fat, oil or grease on the walls of your pipes.

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