Frozen Pipe Repair Toronto

Saving Plumbing is a leader in frozen pipe repair Toronto. During our harsh Canadian winters, frozen pipes are a common occurrence and can cause expensive damage to both building infrastructure and landscaping. If you find yourself with frozen pipes, contact Saving Plumbing who can quickly assess and repair the damage preventing long term problems with your property.

Frozen pipes typically occur during extremely cold weather but a high wind chill factor can also increase the likelihood of freezing. Pipes that are exposed to the outdoors, such as taps for garden hoses, outdoor irrigation systems, or piping for pools and hot tubs are especially vulnerable to the cold. However, even indoor pipes, especially in poorly insulated areas such as garages, basements or along exterior walls can also be in danger of freezing.

The fact that frozen pipes become blocked is only one part of the problem. As the water freezes and expands, there is danger of the pipe bursting which can cause both water and structural damage to your building. If you find yourself with frozen pipes, if possible, turn off the water main to your property and call Saving Plumbing for expert help.

Prevention Tips

Preventing frozen pipes can be accomplished with a little preparatory work. In autumn or during the onset of winter, make sure to drain your garden tap and store the hose for the winter. Drain all pipes leading to and from your swimming pool, hot tub or irrigation system. Keep your basement and garage heated or alternately insulate the piping within. For more information, feel free to contact Saving Plumbing.

Saving Plumbing is known for quick and professional service ensuring quality work and customer satisfaction. Owing to the harsh winters that the area receives, Saving Plumbing has plenty of experience with frozen pipe repair Toronto. Whether it’s due to the freezing of your gardening and irrigation systems, your swimming pool and hot tub piping or uninsulated basement and wall pipes, Saving Plumbing is here to help solve your problems.