Sewer Tree Root Removal Toronto

Root growth is problematic and there may be several reasons why tree roots can create an issue for your property. Tree roots can easily encroach upon your home’s foundation, causing damage to the sewer lines. As a result of impacted plant and tree roots, erosion, leaking, sewer water backups and a variety of other damages can take place.

Once the roots enter the sewer pipes and grow web-like, a complete blockage may occur if they’re not removed. Roots can even continue to grow and expand to exert considerable pressure and it is not uncommon for a pipe to break or collapse as a result. For this reason, it is critical that your sewer lines be properly maintained and in excellent working order. Depending on the circumstance, there may come a time when tree root removal is the only option to correct the problem.

If left untreated, the tree roots can cause major issues and the consequences can be very costly.  At Saving Plumbing, our team will help ensure that your sewer pipes are clean and perform tree roots removal maintenance if required.

Tree Roots Removal

If you’ve discovered tree roots growing into your drains, it’s time to call Saving Plumbing. We arrive at your home equipped, ready to help. We’ve been handling many types of sewer issues involving removing tree roots within the GTA for years and have the experience and expertise to successfully complete the job. Before our expert plumbers even start, they identify the source of your problem and carefully evaluate the issue. We don’t believe in guesswork or assumptions, which is why we use video inspection cameras for a complete review. Once the problem is identified, tree roots are removed from the main sewer lines and professional cleaning is conducted. We also will repair the damage caused by the tree roots.

Our sewer tree root removal Toronto professionals can also help you with regular inspections to help you find and solve the problem before it gets completely out of hand.  Work site safety is our first priority and we handle every tree issue with utmost care and attention to detail.

If you have any questions regarding tree root removal, contact our team today. We will be happy to help.