Things You Need to Stop Putting Down Your Drains

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To prevent clogged pipes, polluted waters, and most importantly, drain repair in Toronto, you should always avoid putting these things down the drain.

1.Wet Wipes:

There are many things that should not be flushed down your drains, including sanitary items like wet wipes, which don’t break down easily and can cause problems for pipes. Wet wipes are one of two types of materials (the other being baby wipes) that can be directly responsible for sewer overflow in residential areas. They form into long strings and clog up pipes quickly. If you live in an area where local sewer systems experience overflows on a regular basis, it’s best to dispose of these items in trash cans instead of flushing them down your toilet or sinks.


Grease can quickly build up and lead to clogs. It’s best to dispose of grease in solid form by taking it out of your kitchen and throwing it into trash cans instead of going down your drain. If you have leftover cooking oil, you can pour it into a small container, freeze it, and throw it away later as trash. Just be sure not to pour hot grease down your drains because it will not solidify properly and could cause problems when it comes time for you to clean them out again.

3.Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, and Makeup Pads:

Using these to clean your ears or makeup is one thing, but don’t put them down your drains! These products create clogs when they absorb water and expand in pipes. If you want to clean debris out of hard-to-reach areas, try using rubber gloves instead, which can double as reusable applicators. You may even find that they’re better for cleaning because they can get into tight spaces more easily than Q-tips or other disposable products. It is also best to get advice from a qualified plumber in Toronto.

4.Mortar, Adhesives, and Other DIY and Craft Supplies:

If you have to use mortar and other construction-based materials, be sure not to dispose of them down your drains. These products create clogs because they expand when they come into contact with water and harden over time. Instead, wait until you’re done using them to clean up before disposing of materials properly. If you can’t dispose of these items with trash bags, call a professional plumber in Toronto for assistance instead of risking drain damage later on.

In case, if you are in need of drain repair, consider seeking the help of one of the reputable plumbing companies in Toronto and get the issue fixed in the starting stage.

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