Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs – You May Need a Drain Repair from an Emergency Plumber in Pickering!

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Sep 21, 2022 Blog, Emergency Plumber 0

Your plumbing system operates behind the scenes, quietly and efficiently getting rid of wastewater and distributing fresh water to your home’s fixtures and appliances. But when something goes wrong, your plumbing can become more than an inconvenience; it can cause damage to your home if it isn’t dealt with immediately. The faster you can get in touch with an emergency plumber in Pickering, the better! Here are some warning signs that indicate you might need immediate help from an experienced local plumber.

Gurgling Noises from Your Toilet

Do you hear gurgling noises from your toilet, or do you notice water on the floor next to it? It sounds like your toilet may be clogged, and this is a telltale sign that you may need emergency drain repair services. If the problem persists, there’s no telling how much sewage could backup into your home. The time to act is now by contacting 24/7 drain service experts who can diagnose the problem with your plumbing system and offer solutions for drain repair in Pickering.

A Sudden Spike in Your Water Bill

Is your water bill suddenly significantly higher than it usually is? This could be because of many things, but if you notice it has spiked drastically and unexpectedly, this can indicate something wrong with your drain or sewer line. Possible reasons for such a drastic spike are clogged drains, water leaks, frozen pipes or tree roots that have found their way into the drain system.

Frequent Clogging

One of the warning signs that indicate you need a drain repair is when you notice that your drains are frequently clogging up. It’s never a good idea to ignore clogs, as this could lead to them becoming more serious and requiring more extensive repairs down the line.

Your Toilet is Draining Slowly

When your toilet drains slowly, it could signal drain repair. It’s caused when something is blocking the flow of water and preventing it from draining out. When you flush your toilet, and the water level doesn’t go down as quickly, there may be a blockage preventing the full amount of water from going down. The result? A slow-draining toilet. If this sounds like what’s happening at your home, don’t ignore it! Give a call to your plumber to assess your plumbing in Pickering, and they will get right on fixing the problem, so you’re back to flushing with ease.

Constant Toilet Backups

Is your toilet constantly draining over or backing up? This is often the sign of a drain that needs to be snaked and cleaned out.  The problem can also be caused by something more serious like a root intrusion, tree roots on the line, clogs in sewer lines, or ruptured pipes. Your emergency plumber will assess this for you and find a solution for these frequent backups.

Unpleasant Smell

A smelly, gurgling toilet is not only unpleasant but can also signal that there’s a serious plumbing problem at hand. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms, it’s probably time to call your plumber for emergency plumbing in Pickering:

  • The persistent smell coming from the toilet or drains
  • Brownish water draining from the drain
  • Black sludge build-up inside toilet pipes.

Water Stains in the Basement

If you notice water stains on your basement floor, it could indicate that your home has an issue with the plumbing. A bad clog or drain may be preventing water and waste materials from being able to move freely through the pipes, which could result in backing up water into the basement. If you think this is happening at your house, call for a professional plumber who can get the job done quickly.

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